Sonic Foundry XFX2

Sonic Foundry XFX2

XFX2 is a set of plugins that will help you to master your audio files
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Sonic Foundry XFX2 is a set of plugins similar to the Sonic Foundry XFX1. This set will help you to master your audio files. The package includes six plugins -Graphic Dynamics, Graphic EQ, Multiband Dynamics, Paragraphic EQ, and Parametric EQ.

With the help of Graphic Dynamics, you will be able to apply graphical compression, limiting expansion length of your audio files, by this way controlling the threshold and ratio.

The Graphic Equalizer will give you the chance to fine tune bands using the new 20 band page and take full control over any filter design with the new graphic envelope page.

Using the Noise Gate, you will be able to eliminate low-level background noise from silent breaks. The solid gating threshold can be adjusted from infinity to 0 db.

The Multiband Dynamics will enable you to process up to four bands simultaneously. You can control the parameters of each band and use a master output gain for the filter.

Both plugins have very similar graphical user interfaces. They have buttons, sliders and a drop-down menu for selecting the built-in presets or for creating new ones.

All in all, the program is very good for specialists and artists who want to add some sound effects to their songs making them by this way more attractive to the audience.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Cost effective, modular.
  • Can be used along with other software compatible with DX


  • Suitable only for specialists
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